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Does Spotify Want Me to Listen Offline?

Does Spotify Want Me to Listen Offline?

I purchased Spotify Premium a few months ago and I am absolutely thrilled with it. It's one of the best purchases I've made. One of the main selling points of Spotify for me is having the ability to listen offline on my iPhone. However, after multiple months of use, I continue to feel a nagging suspicion that Spotify does not want me listening offline on my iPhone and has installed subtle ways of preventing me from doing so. First, why can't I add an entire album to Starred, but instead have to add it song by song? Why isn't there an option of making "Your Music" available offline? Finally, why is the "available offline" switch in the Starred playlist so easily accidentally turned from on to off and placed right above the music? There should at least be a box that appears that asks 'are you sure'? I have been stuck without cell service for multiple days without music because I've accidentally switched that toggle. I'm curious to hear thoughts.



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Good Ideas! From memory some of them have already been suggested, throw a search into the ideas section and you should find them and be able to add Kudos and comment etc to show your support. Feel free to submit the others to the Ideas section so Spotify are aware of it.


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You should be able to make your music offline by tapping the slider on the Songs tab?

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You can add an entire album to your starred playlist on your iPhone app by selecting the album in the catalogue and then tapping the "..." button in the top right corner and selecting "Add to Playlist". Then just select your Starred playlist. You can also easily save all your songs for offline use by going to the Songs tab in Your Music and toggling the "Available Offline" option, and of course you can save individual playlists for offline access, too.


In the desktop client, you can add an entire album to the Starred playlist by right clicking the album art in the Spotify catalogue and selecting the "Add to..." option.


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