Doubts, Doubts... lots of doubts


Doubts, Doubts... lots of doubts

Casual Listener

Hello... yesterday i have signed a spotify family account and, for the first time, i experiment do download tracks to listen offline from my iphone. I have some doubts about this:


a) To download lots of tracks, i create a single playlist called "My iphone" and put there all the albums that i want to listen offline. When I want to listen an entire album, I go to the option '"Albums", but this show me a huge number of albums that i did not download. What I expected to see was the covers of all albums I've downloaded, and when select one of them, i will listen the entire album (as with the itunes). And If I select the filter "Downloads" (on the top of the screen) it only appears one of the albums I've downloaded, and not all of them. It is exactly the same if I choose any other option ("artists" and "Tracks" for example... on the first option only one artist appears, on the second option only appears the musics from that album, and not all of them). Something is very wrong. How can I solve this problem?


b) How can i definively delete the tracks that i´ve donwloaded to my iphone, to download new ones. Some say that the downloaded music it's only deleted from iphone when uninstall and reinstall the spotify app. Otherwise, the tracks remain on iphone, taking lots of space. It's true?






Yours sincerely


Paulo Galindro