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Downgraded to Spotify Unlimited until iOS issues are resolved

Downgraded to Spotify Unlimited until iOS issues are resolved

I've today downgraded to Spotify Unlimited because the iOS client is becoming increasingly useless to me.


When the following issues are resolved, I may consider paying for Spotify Premium again:

- The offline playback issue described here:

- The fact that the iOS client refuses to use the last x00 MB of free space on the device to store songs for offline playback. I keep my iPhone constantly in a near-full state, so this means I can only sync new songs by temporarily deleting a significant amount of stuff and then putting it back.


It is also quite frustrating when the release notes (even those published here on the Spotify Community) contain the meaningless statement, "We’ve said goodbye to some more naughty bugs." Even Apple publishes more details than this about which bugs have been fixed in its point releases.

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I am in the same boat too. Spotify plays one or two offline songs and then goes silent. This is the entire reason I pay for Premium access - mobile offline content.
The 5S only runs iOS 7, and the fact that iOS 7 has been in developer hands since June points to "caught sleeping at the wheel" for spotify

Downgrading too

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