Downloaded Albums Not Saved In Library

Downloaded Albums Not Saved In Library

The other day I went through my library and removed several albums that I hadn't been listening to in a while. A few days later, while searching for a song off one of the albums, I noticed that the entire album was still "downloaded", even though it wasn't in my library. I thought that when you removed an album from your library by tapping the heart icon, it automatically removed the download. At the very least, it used to, but it didn't for me that day. Now I have to go through and remember the two dozen albums I no longer have in my library that are taking up space on my phone.
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It's likely that the music was still in your cache. Songs stay there until they need to make room for other music.


If you think Spotify is taking up too much space, you can go to the settings and clear the cache from there.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have further questions.


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