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Downloaded songs not playing offline

Downloaded songs not playing offline

I have all my playlists downloaded, they are marked as such and they take up room on my phone. However when playing certain (most) songs in offline mode they just don’t work, the song won’t even begin. I’ve realised this after burning thru data the past few months and realised it was streaming instead of playing the download. How can I fix this? It’s so frustrating and expensive 








iPhone 6s

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iOS 10


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same thing happened to me. ive downloaded all my playlists and its been working fine for years since i had premium. now all of a sudden today, when i turn my phones wifi off, my downloaded songs wont play until i get back onto wifi. **bleep**ing**bleep**

ways to fix this? i'm currently experiencing it also and it stresses me out 😞 

i redownloaded spotify and redownloaded the 20gb of my music and it worked lol

what i did was just deleting and reinstalling the app and redownloading all my music and it fixed the problem

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