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Error posting to tumblr

Error posting to tumblr

This just started happening recent. I've tried sharing songs to tumblr but it says " there was an error posting to tumblr " please try agian. I've tried resting EVERYTHING. Help please !
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It's been doing that for me for atleast 2 months now! And I can't find anything online to help!

Same here! Very annoying. It started after I changed my tumblr url. At least that's thexactly only thing I can think of.

I figured it out!! I figured it out guys!! Ok so, just as the person above said, when you change your tumblr url it messes the whole thing up. So, on the desktop version of Spotify go to share a song as you normally would, then where it says "Post to" on the bottom, click "settings" all the way to the right. Click on disconnect for tumblr (you'll see your old tumblr url there), use your normal sign in credentials for tumblr then click connect and voila! Problem solved! You should see your new tumblr url there now.


*Important: Keep in mind that every time you change your tumblr url, you'll have to re-do this step every time, which is pretty tedious. Hopefully they find a fix in the near future where it updates automatically when you change your tumblr url.




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