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Every Artists discography not showing up on their page

Every Artists discography not showing up on their page






(iPhone 6 and iPad mini 4

Operating System

(iOS 12


My Question or Issue

Since the new update, when you visit an artist’s page their discography isn’t showing up. You only have playlists they appear on, what fans also like and artist picks.

even when you click on the 3 little dots on the right next to the popular songs, you don’t have the option to “go to album”. 

This needs to be fix ASAP please. 

10 Replies

Same problem in the Netherlands but only on iPad, iPhone works fine

Same here in Finland. Super annoying, haven’t paid for this **bleep**edness. Fix it ASAP!

Thailand version also gets the same problem on iPad, might be the new update is iOS. (Version I hope this should get fix quickly!

Yes, this appears to be an iPad specific problem.. on iPhones it appears to be working.

Hey @max_mtl@BoardWhite@BoardWhite@Metalhead82 & @jvkorven, welcome to the Community.
Hope you're doing great!


As @dmilette mentioned, Spotify's aware of this issue. Just add your votes and details to this thread and make sure to follow it for future status update.

Have a great day! 🙂

I also have the same problem. No "discography" on my iPad. Shows fine on my iPhone and Windows PC

Yup. Same here. No Beatles discography on my iPad, for example, but it shows up on my iPhone. What gives?

Since last night 'Discography button' is back in iPad app ... 👍🏻

Yep, now it seems to be alright again. 👍🏻

Issue is solved! Thanks.

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