Explicit Versions are a pain to find

Explicit Versions are a pain to find


This has been posted numerous times. How come someone has not escalated this as systemic issue? This is posing a bad customer experience.


When you search for an artist, it only returns their clean versions of the albums most time. This is very annoying - it happens on iOS and on Windows desktop app. For example, search for:


Macklemore - then go to his artist page (which should show all Spotify discography for the artist, right?). All you see is the clean version of his most recent album "The Heist". In order to find the explicit version you have to search for the album name, or a specific track and then navigate to the album page.


WHY has this not been addressed? This is frustrating, especially since it has been brought up many times on these forums, circa mid 2012. Spotify, please hear us out - I am a paying, premium member.


ADDITIONAL FEATURE REQUEST: Give me an option to hide all clean versions of the album in favour of an explicit version (where available).

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I'm with you - this is so damned frustrating.

Is there even a way to manually find the original version? Forcing me to listen to the censored version is ridiculous.


Did anyone ever find a solution to this?  Whenever I search, alot of time the initial result is the censored version.


 Bunch of garbage.  I registered for the sole reason to bring this issue up in the forums.  



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