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Exploring new ways of adding items to "Your Library"


Exploring new ways of adding items to "Your Library"

Hey there folks,


Our design team has started exploring new ways to add items to "Your Library". This is why we'd love to hear your feedback on the new implementations, because those changes are done with the goal to better your experience on our platform.


The design may differ in either having a heart symbol or a plus sign with other subtle differences.


If you're part of this undertaking, post your constructive feedback in this thread and the relevant team will review it. 



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519 Replies

I was a regular user of the tool "Like all songs". After this new update i'm unbable to like all songs at once and I have to add one song at time to my "liked songs" playlist. Please return it ASAP, I miss it

I imagine that this change came out of user feedback that it should be easier to add songs to a playlist (it was a clunky process), however… you took away an important and clearly coveted feature in the process. 

I think this should have been an additional feature, not a replacement for the like button. 

Please bring back the heart button!! 

I don’t mind the change of the icon itself but I dislike that now instead of immediately adding/removing songs from the “Liked songs playlist” it instead brings up the option to choose which playlist it saves to. Taking twice as long to do what I could previously.


It unnecessarily adds an extra step to the saving/removing process.


While I understand it’s usefulness I think there should be an option to turn this off since it’s not always necessary.


I personally preferred the lack of another window coming up when adding/removing songs, it’s much faster and less cluttered. I never found it bothering to add them to specific playlists originally. 

As a very frequent user of Spotify daily for many years now I don’t think this is an efficient or necessary change to the original method of adding/removing.


Using the ellipses button at the top right to access the “save to playlist” option was fine in my opinion 


Also when using discover weekly or radar release the + sign is on the left, which isn’t consist with how it has been previously 


I couldn’t agree more with this statement. 

I agree with this 

Well, this was a bit of a surprise opening up the app. I get wanting to try new things, that’s great, but this takes away from the efficiency. If you have a lot of songs and you can’t see what you’ve liked, checking can be an unnecessary time eater. The instant like button, seeing the hearts of what you’ve already liked in the various playlists, and having the “likes” not be considered a playlist should be brought back. If the playlist selection didn’t suggest the “likes,” it would actually be cool for adding to listener created playlists.

The new system where you can’t just immediately “heart” or “like” a song straight up just makes everything less convenient. For starters i now can’t see if i have a song liked or not. Also just like i said, i can’t just immediately swipe and like a song, i now have to add it to my liked songs playlist which when i’m liking songs throughout an album is exhausting. I genuinely do not see the purpose in why this became a thing, but i would really love to have the heart icon back and all of its uses, please and thank you.

If you swipe across when using on your mobile that sill seems to add it
straight to your liked songs so I dont mind the other options as you can
still do both.

Its the option to not add albums to other playlists other than library that
i dont like, If i like an album I would have to add one song at a time save
it somewhere other than the library

Please please bring back the like button, having to do 2 clicks to add something to my liked songs ISNT too convenient I mean I will deal with it, but honestly the ability to instantly add a song to my likes songs with a click was super convenient and is something I feel as needed, please don’t let the like button die, I also really like being able to see if I have a song liked or not and now the little heart next to a song is just gone, please add this feature back thank you

Not being able to save an album to a folder (only saves to library now) is a massive negative, my entire spotify user experience is based around listening to albums and saving them in their relevant genre folders. Not sure what removing this features achieve aside from frustration

It is great to explore new ways of enhancing the listener experience, but please don’t fix things that aren’t broken such as the ability to like a track by clicking the heart. It’s simple, it works, it never needed altering.

Just updated the app to see the heart icon is fully removed, is there a way to reverse this update? I loved being able to quickly scan others playlists to see how many songs I liked. The hearts are iconic and I don’t like how the new system looks/ works. 

I see a lot of posts about the like button and adding tracks. That hasn’t changed on my end. It’s the dreaded new interface that has. Bring back the old interface, so I can see all my content, without having to log in and out every time I use Spotify. 

My account is now showing the circular plus icon instead of the heart icon. As a constant user of Spotify, I would like to have the heart symbol with the instant action of adding to the liked song playlist over the choice to add to any playlist. I find the heart to be the easiest way to add songs I like to a curated playlist over individual playlists or a custom large playlist. I say bring the heart back. 

Bring back the heart - the plus sign is ridiculous.Now I have to click three times to do what I used to do with one click. I hate it with a firey passion.



I understand the idea here and really appreciate that it is easier to add to playlists, but the like button is an essential part of my Spotify experience. It is used as a single button press way to save a song and to sort later. It also identifies songs in albums I like over those I do not or have not listened too yet.


The most important part of this functionality is it’s speed while driving. Any more than a single tap would become dangerous while driving. When I am driving and listening to new music this is the only safe way I have of saving it for later without taking my eyes off the road for too long. Please do this as soon as possible!

On the same note, please bring the like button to CarPlay! If there was a like button in CarPlay I would use my phone while driving probably 30% less.







I phone user. 
my like button is just gone. Not sure if that is the same as the android users problem. I cleared my cache. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Logged out and logged back in. 

still not little heart button. 


The problem isn’t just this. We can’t even “like” songs anymore without going thru like 2-5 extra clicks. We need to be able to do it while the song canvas is up, or from clicking the three dots next to the song in the track listing. Now that’s not even an option. SOS

I think removing the like button in replacement of adding it to the Liked Songs list is confusing. Before it felt distinct than adding to a playlist which I think is a good thing and I liked being able to quickly see what songs I liked when scrolling through an artists/albums songs. Also the removal of the ability to add an entire album to a playlist is gone and now having to manually enter each song individually seems like a step backwards.

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