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Extreme reverts to HQ


Extreme reverts to HQ

Hi, did the iPhone update today but every time I select extreme it just reverts back to HQ

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Hey all,


As some of you have already noticed, the new Spotify iOS app - v0.4.24 - is now live in the App Store. The extreme syncing bug should now be fixed, among other things.


So try upgrading and let us know how things go. And thanks for bearing with us while we got to work on this.

Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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I bearing with Spotify Richard about year now... and 2 months with bugfull app Windows Phone Spotify. Still no news about when you update this app and when you add 320 kbps...

I wish there was some kind of indication (like a tiny text in a corner) about if a song is in 320 kbps or lower. Not all songs are available in that rate, but it's still useful information for some people.

The app update fixed my problem.

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Well I can proudly say the update worked for me, and tracks are now sync'ed at Extreme Quality.


A point to note however, the quality setting was still on "Extreme" when I opened up Spotify, and I knew that my last sync was done with the bug (so was all low-quality) so I went into the options, selected "High Quality" where it told me my existing content was low quality and asked if I wanted to re-sync, so I said No.  I then went into the options again, and selected "Extreme" and when asked to re-sync, said yes.


Off it went re-syncing my entire collection, which is something it never did before.  So, you've made me happier. 


I just hope that Spotify will learn from this and ensure that thorough testing takes place in future.




Closing the app down then trying to change sync quality tells me all my stuff is still in low quality

If this is true, peed off won't cover it this time....,

That's because we happen to use the same copy (text) for the 'resync' notification both when you switch from low quality to higher quality and also the other way around. Your tracks are still synced as extreme if that's the setting you used when syncing.


We have a ticket for this internally, but it wasn't fixed for version 0.4.24.

Thank you for the update.

It doesn't really change my stance however. If I opt onto betas then yes I can say it doesn't work but iOS and app store isn't an open beta, so who is wrong? Spotify for not testing or apple for approving?

Somebody is screwing up here....

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