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Fading to next song

Fading to next song





iPhone XR

Operating System

(iOS 14 beta


My Question or Issue

When I get to the end of a song it freezes on -0:01 and doesn’t play the next song, it doesn’t happen with all songs, probably 1 in 6. It also happened before I did the ios14 update. Edit: all of my playlists are downloaded but takes a while to play any songs like it isn’t downloaded

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Hey there @1125966946,  


Thanks for posting - we’re here to help!


Make sure to perform a clean reinstall of the Spotify app on your iPhone since this helps with removing corrupted files from previous installations. Check out this help page in order to find the steps for clean reinstall on the affected device. Once you’ve performed the clean reinstall you'll need to re-download your offline music and podcasts. 


If this doesn't do the trick, try disabling any power saving or data cleaning settings on your phone. Alternatively, you can try authorizing Spotify to run without restrictions despite the mentioned settings being enabled. Make sure you try this since such features can often interfere with downloaded contents.  


Keep us posted! We'll be happy to lend a hand if you need more help.  

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