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Favorites and Other Playlists reversed

Favorites and Other Playlists reversed



On my iPod touch, my Favorites Playlist and some others show in reverse, so not in the same order as they are organises on my Mac...



Mac shows Playlist X with Songs   1, 2, 3....etc

iPod shows Playlist X with Songs   ........3,2,1


This is quite annoying as I want to listen to my list the way I organised them.


Any suggestion, thanks in Advance!

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


To my knowledge, since its not possible to sort playlists on iOS (see this ideas topic) the iOS application will always show playlists in the order in which the tracks where added to the list (with newest being at the bottom, exlcuding starred and inbox). 


The only work around I know of is to arrange the tracks how you want them on the desktop, then select all of the tracks and copy them into a new playlist and then they will appear on your device in that specifed order. However, saying that, there is currently an issue with playlist synching breaking if you copy more than 332 tracks in one go, so you might need to copy them from one playlist to the other in smaller batches!



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