Following an Artist's Complete Catalog


Following an Artist's Complete Catalog


I begrudgingly switch to Spotify after Rdio's collapse.  One issue I would like to see addressed is the Artists section of Your Library.  When you follow an Artist and navigate to them thru Your Music (which seems logical) it only shows a list of songs you have individually saved or from an album you have saved.  


Wouldn't it make sense for the Artist option within Your Library be the same as when go select "Go To Artist?"  Now, if I like a song that comes up and want to revisit that Artist later, I have to select Your Library->Artists->click their name->click the three dots in the top right corner->Go to Artist.  


I understand that this could turn off some people that only want to see the songs/albums that they have chosen to "Save" but a simple tab/option of 'Saved Music" on the Artists page could satisfy that.