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Friends won't show up on iPhone Spotify app

Friends won't show up on iPhone Spotify app

I finally saw my friend feeds on Spotify app on my iMac, and said wow, friend activity is finally working in Spotify!  I was happy, because I knew I could never get it to work on the iPhone app or Android app.  But now, when I went back to the iPhone app, the app still won't see any of my  friends or friend activity.  When I say "follow all" or "save" or "continue" or whatever it always just sits there and does nothing, how ever long I wait (I've even waited 2 minutes!)   So, I've narrowed the problem to the phone app and not being on the MacOS app.  I do have the latest version of Spotify on my new iPhone 6 Plus 128GB.


The attached photo is before I press "Follow All" and "Done".  Then it goes back to the screen that says "No recent activity".  It says I should try to follow some friends to see what they're sharing.  I know my friends show activity on Spotify Mac, so I know they are sharing activity so they should show up.


I think I had the same problem on Android too.

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Here's the attachment of what happens after I hit "done" after saying "follow all".


I have the same problem - has this been resolved already since last year?

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