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Grayed out songs that are still available on spotify

Grayed out songs that are still available on spotify






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 Today I tried to open and play my christmas playlist that has slowly been growing over the last 4 years or so. There are ~75 songs on the list. When I opened the playlist, however, almost every one of the songs was grayed out. I'm aware that usually this means the song is no longer available on Spotify or unplayable for some reason. This isn't the case, however. All (or at least most) of these songs are still on Spotify and still on the same version in which they were added. For example, the album Christmas by Michael Buble is on the playlist, and on Spotify, but marked as unavailable on my list. Again, most help topics will say "the artist took the song down" or something similar. But this is not the case for the large majority of these songs. 

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To confirm, what device are you accessing Spotify on? This can help troubleshoot.


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