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Hannah's Iphone

Hannah's Iphone

Good afternoon,


Im new here and have been using spotify for several months without any problem. I have an iphone 6plus with iOS 9.1


Since a few days, it appears that when I listen to spotify, a screen appears saying that Hannah's Iphone is connected to spotify connect with my account. So my music stops and "her" starts. Then  I notice that all my playlists have disappeared and I have "her's". I dont know who is this Hannah ??? I had the same problem when I was alone in a hotel far away, so its not someone from my neighborhood..


Any suggestion ? Could I prevent this ? Cause it's really annoying to see the playlist disappear and all new stuu in my phone. I deleted the app and then reinstalled it but no success.


Thank you for your help.



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It looks like someone is accessing your account without your permission.


Please contact the guys at Spotify here so they can help you out -->

Thank you for your reply.


I changed my password and will see how it goes.



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