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Has the new update affected the 10,000 song limit?

Has the new update affected the 10,000 song limit?

I noticed that "saving albums" works differently than the old version of spotify, in that they get added to a "favorites" playlist instead of a songs list. What does this mean about the 10,000 song limit? Is it a thing of the past, or still in effect somewhow?

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Apple has 100,000 song limit.  Amazon has an astonishing 250,000 song limit.  I was on Spotify yesterday and it cut me off saying I had reached my maximum of 10,000 songs. Their solution?  Dump some of my playlists.  I pay for this stuff **bleep**; why would I get rid of my music?  So to answer your question, we are still **bleep**.  I just learned about it yesterday.  Nowhere in their ads, promotions and sales pitches does it say anything about this limit.  It is located in their "support" link.  I never use support until I need it.  


Now I am stuck going over to Amazon or Apple and start these lists all over although I have heard there may be some software that may accomplish this.  Whatever the case, Spotify is worthless.

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