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Has this company gone to **bleep**?

Has this company gone to **bleep**?

I just spent 2 hours and haven't even dented the ridiculous amount of music downloaded to my account without me ever searching anything near relevant. My account is randomly switching devices to "bilals phone" when I'm working out and my phone is on the ground untouched and I go from metal to some Asian anime crying **bleep**. Now I can't even find an email or phone number to get to support staff to make this stop. "Premium" is a very loosely used word for this kind of service...
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Hey there @Skylerfast!


Sorry to hear that you're having trouble. It almost sounds like you may have another device on your account. Go to and click "Sign Out Everywhere." Then go ahead and reopen the app and you should be good from this happening in the future. 


If you sign in through Facebook, I recommend changing your Facebook password so that it isn't linked to any other device unintentionally. 



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