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Home Tab Made for You - Gone?!?

Home Tab Made for You - Gone?!?


Plan Premium

Country United States


Device iPhone 7

Operating System iOS software version 12.1.4 (16D57) - software is outdated. I refuse to update. When I had my 5S I updated and it rendered the phone inoperable. I took it to Apple and the tech guy ended up wiping my phone 100% ie he totally bricked it. So don’t suggest I update. That’s not the cause of this issue. And if that’s what I’m told rest assured I’ll be canceling my subscription. 


My Question or Issue


So on the home tab, the made for you category is 100% gone! No rewinds no discover weekly no release radar no 6 mixture playlists. 100% gone. I’ve tried hard closing the app, updating the app, and restarting my phone. 


Is this intentional? Ie spotify has X’d the feature? Or is there something you guys need to fix?


I need a 100% definitive answer. I listen to super far down underground rap and commonly have to purchase tracks of bandcamp. Did you know that with Apple Music I could actually upload those tracks and 100% consolidate my music? Super cool. But I’ve stayed with Spotify because of its capability to find you new/related music. 


So if Spotify has Xnayed the made for me playlists on the home tab then I need to rethink my Spotify/Apple decision. 


If it’s not you have any knowledge of when it will be fixed? It’s Tuesday and I’m miserably waiting to play my discover weekly/release radar playlists that are MIA. 


Thanks in advance for your knowledge!



2 Replies

Have you tried looking in your ‘search’ tab? There should be a ‘discover’ and ‘made for you’ section inside. Otherwise, you can search for those playlists in the search bar and it should pop up.


Ugh that is not intuitive at all considering they’re usually found on the home tab. It’s an extra step ie inconvient. No luck though on my 6 Spotify made playlists or my rewinds. But whatever I can live with it. I was most upset about discover/release. 


Thanks for the help!

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