Home button missing Ipad Pro 9.7


Home button missing Ipad Pro 9.7


Hello - i've just joined to ask this question so apologies if it has been covered already, i searched but could not find anything


I have recently brought an Ipad Pro 9.7 and installed Spotify version on it - this is the same Spotify version as i have on my Iphone so i imagine they would be identical, however, the Ipad version does not have the 'Home' icon/button.


This fooled me for a while and i was thinking i did not have the most recent version so i've deleted and re-installed a few times and still no Home button.


Has something gone amiss with my Ipad installation or does this exact same Spotify version for Ipad not have a Home button? If so why not and can we have one please!


Home button.jpgHome button on Iphone but not Ipad!