How can I downgrade?


How can I downgrade?

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Please let me know if I can downgrade to the previous version for IOS:


The main problems of the new version are:


- The worst one: It makes the iPhone 4 freeze too often for too many seconds, even if it is the only app running. This is really annoying. There is plenty of free memory in the device.


- The star button is gone. Please bring it back!


- The My Music structure is useless for me, since I already had (cause the app had no other choice) a vast folder structure by author and in each folder, the albums as playlists so I coud sync those I wanted. and keep everything organized.


Thank you,



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Re: How can I downgrade?

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Hi there and welcome to the community! Unfortunately, there isn't really a way to downgrade, but the new version of Spotify has a ton of great features built in with the My Music section!


The star feature has also gone away for the new My Music feature. You can now "Save" your favorite songs to your My Music folder.


Hope that helps!

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