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How do I delete or change my favourite artists?

How do I delete or change my favourite artists?

My tastes have changed. I want to delete some of my original artists when I set up my account and add new ones. How do I do it? (At this rate Ill never want to add another favourite artist as Spotify makes it too difficult to change my tastes.)
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Hi there,


Thanks for the post.


You can go to Your Library > Artists and unfollow or block any artist you don't like listening to any more. You can follow artists whose music you currently enjoy. Your recommendations algorithm updates as you listen to music, so you'll get more recommendations for songs you tend to listen to currently and less for songs you've listened to in the past. 


Unfortunately there is no way to just manually switch what music recommendations you get. This means that if you've been listening to rock music for the past five years and you want to get recommendations only for country music, that won't happen overnight. But if you follow a few country artists and like their songs and albums, you'll start seeing more of that.


Alternatively, you might consider moving your Library to a new account, following this guide. This way you'll be able to build your account differently, as the recommendations algorithm can't be transferred. 


Hope this helps.

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Have been wondering the same, not following artist, keeps appearing in my favorites. There is just no way to remove him.

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