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How do i download songs that are in the Songs area of "My Music"

How do i download songs that are in the Songs area of "My Music"

I used to use the starred playlist feature a lot and since they changed it to the "My Music" (which i hate) I can no longer set those songs to download whenever it is saved to there meaning i cant listne to "My Music" unless the song is in another downloaded playlist which in my opinion defeats the object of having an area for saving music quickly instead of having to add it to specific playlists! Anyone know a way i can download these easily or can anyone from spotify think again and go back to the Starred system because that just worked!!


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They've confirmed they will be bringing the "available offline" toggle switch to the Songs tab. Hopefully it will be included in the next update. When they do, it will do exactly what you're trying to do 🙂


In the meantime, the offline toggle is currently available on both artist pages and album pages within Your Music.

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