How to see only offline songs in Spotify IOS APP

How to see only offline songs in Spotify IOS APP

How do you see all of your offline songs only in Spotify iOS iPhone app? And what is the difference between follow and save? Intuitively Follow is supposed to be like Twitter and give updates but how is an album going to update? Save, intuitively should be to save offline but instead its more like follow by sticking it in a kind of huge playlist that I have to search through before I enable an offline button which is more complex with individual songs which leaves a massive clutter that I have to hope through before I find my songs... Create a playlist I hear you shout oh Spotify Admin.. Great another step after all that. My workflow and decision making is difficult enough without my leisure activities becoming part of it. I am much prepared to hear an honest answer like the reason it's so complicated is because the less people who save offline saves Spotify more money (this is just a guess) but I'm sure there are some logical reasons behind the way it is - Because to build a reputable business and programme a powerful app such as Spotify these things are not by guys are not stupid, I know that but please don't give me some excuse about how it is only a travel app for lesser use by pointing me towards the desktop app for "other features" Homestly The more I use Spotify the more cumbersome it's becoming. I think its time to look for alternatives like grooveshark and I wasn't paid to say that either but feel free to give me money either that or re-design Spotify in iOS. I have to scrobble to another app to see my history too?(please don't say the play queue is History it just isn't. The design is a mess... Please Simplify or loose at least my premium membership which is the first time I've ever signed up to an online service because I really thought you guys had it down. I'm not trying to be a bone head- just getting frustrated with an app that I love but am now beginning to loathe... I'm sure there are others that's feel the same- hope your listening or at least have some good answers that I can take on board and imtegrate into my Spotify philosophy 🙂 OKAY! Yay! Got it off my chest.
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Hi there , welcome to the community.
So you just said all you think , get it out of your chest, that's great always fell free to come here at the community and ask for help, i'm sure someone will do that. I noticed that one of your mayor problems are with offline songs, at the mobile app you can go to  "your musics", there scroll to the top of the page and you will see a search place to filter your playlists, just beside that you have some horizontal bars, if you click that you'll find some options, select "only available offline" that will solve your "searching offline musics  through huge playlist" issue . Now let's go to the difference between "save" and "follow", when you save a song you kinda put it on your favorites place, to make it easier to search on future, but when you follow a artist , it's like you've said, pretty similar to twitter, you receive this artist feed, like new songs,playlists,albums but also you can see their  likes, music that they heard, stuff like that, but will not save all their songs or things like that. About design things you can always make a post on Spotify Ideas , just make sure that you are not posting a duplicate idea. Hope I've Helped.

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I think they removed that option on one of recent updates, any other way to see only offline songs?

Still looking for an answer as to how to find all of your offline music after the update got rid of the search option..

I really need a way to just view offline music. I can't seem to find a way


agree! it is the essential holiday-abroad-non-roaming-option.

Still waiting. The problem is when I have a huge library it is very difficult to see what I have downloaded. Tidal rhapsody Google even apple all do this!


Hey guys!!


I sort of figured this out... it isn't 100% but it is pretty close.


First go to "Your Library"  If you click on "Playlists" and then the 3 bars beside the search that says "Filter" and make sure "downloads" is clicked.  These will show your downloaded playlists.


The other thing you need to do though is go to "Albums" from the initial "Your Library" page and scroll through those to find any highlighted in GREEN.  


I hope this helps - I am on android and hopefully this is the same for Apple. It isn't ideal but it does show you..  

In the iOS app you simply go to settings > Playback > offline to make it so only your offline songs are visible (the rest will be grayed out). Then all you have to do is select "Hide Unplayable Songs". Hope this helps.


I cannot see my downloaded music on Iphone App. None of the posts help me, sorry to say, but this should be an essential feature of an app like this. spotify need to develop a solution to this. 

Regardless of what anyone says you (I) can nanotechnology see just my downloaded songs on iPhone or Android. This is ridiculous and one of the main reasons Spotify no longer gets my money


My issue is that I downloaded some music from artists, I downloaded some music from playlists, and some single tracks.  I would love to go to the "artists" section and see all of the artists I downloaded. This means the artists that are in the playlists would be sorted all into one list. Currently, I have to constantly switch in and out of playlists to find different songs. 

Amen, I've been asking this for years. I like spotify, but when it comes to
customer service, there's a huge problem Using tidal as a result

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