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How to see "Recently added", "Recently downloaded" or even "Recently deleted"?

How to see "Recently added", "Recently downloaded" or even "Recently deleted"?

I use spotify on my own iPhone 6, but it's also on my ancient iPhone 4S. My 6 year old daughter uses this phone to listen to children's music and stories. It's the same account obviously, so anything I add to follow on one phone will be added on the other as well. Downloads for offline listening are separate, right?


Sometimes she follows, downloads or deletes something by accident. If she deletes something that was supposed to stay downloaded (by swiping the bar at "Downloaded"), it's just a matter of re-downloading it. If however she deletes a followed playlist, album or song, it disappears from all devices. And sometimes she downloads something by accident, which I know I can see using the filters. It can get messy.


So, is there a way to see what's been recently added, downloaded or deleted? Please don't start on family accounts or something similar, I want to do this within my own account. Besides, I want to know how to undo or redo something I myself did by accident too 😉

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Hey @Repelstale, thanks for coming to the Spotify Community!


If she deletes a playlist (deletes, not unfollows) then you can recover that here, but that's the extent of recent history available, unfortunately.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else! Happy listening 🙂

So besides there being a difference between downloading (getting content for offline listening) and following, there is also a difference between deleting and unfollowing a playlist? I thought these were basically the same (only a different way to get there).


But that's a little beside the point. So there's no way to SEE what's recently added, deleted or removed?



Right, yeah, there's no way to see that. If you have a specific case where you know something was deleted/removed and want it recovered, you can try to contact support (I can provide a few links to contact them online) and they may be able to help, but from your side, there isn't much you can do. Sorry for the inconvenience 😞

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