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Huge Battery Drain on iPhone X with Bluetooth Headphones

Huge Battery Drain on iPhone X with Bluetooth Headphones





iPhone X

Operating System

iOS 11.4


My Question or Issue

Today, only half through the day i recognized my iPhone being uncomfortably warm while using. The battery has already drained to 40%, see attached picture. Next item on the battery list was 9%.


I was listening to a radio with the screen turned off, with my Bluetooth headset (Bose QuietComfort 35 II) connected.


Anyone else with similar problems and possible fixes?

5 Replies

Known issue with spotify app right now but they are ignoring it. Really starting to **bleep** off the community many of us have switched to Apple music but I will keep commenting here untill its fixed.

Has somebody tested whether this happens when you are connected with wired headset? Not sure if Bluetooth related... Gonna have a test run tomorrow.

Theres no specific solution for this, but i suggest you put your phone on low battery mode while listening to music!

It has only been slightly better with the Apple headset plugged in. Are you using Verizon or some other CDMA network by any chance? With AT&T (GSM Network,) never had an issue like this. It seems like the heat is being generated near the modem on the motherboard also.

Happens on my Verizon work phone and my personal ATT phone.

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