Huge battery drain, iPhone 8, iOS12


Huge battery drain, iPhone 8, iOS12







(iPhone 8)

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(iOS 12.1.2)


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I just got spotify a week ago and it is draining my battery like crazy. I've seen many posts about it but none recently.


I tried restarting my phone, restoring from a backup and deleting Spotify app and re installing and I'm still have this issue.


Anybody else having this issue? Can anybody help?


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Re: Huge battery drain, iPhone 8, iOS12

Gig Goer

What is your battery usage by app say about Spotify under Settings > Battery on the iPhone? Mine says 13% of battery usage has been by Spotify in the past 24 hours (note this means that 13% of USAGE was by Spotify so if my battery drain was like 50% then I lost ~6.5% of my battery to Spotify). I used the app for probably around 6 hours of that which means I spend about 1% an hour.


I would calculate that to see if there is a huge drain. If there is more than like 3% an hour there is probably an issue. I am not sure what the issue would be if that is the case besides if you stream at high quality or keep your app up while playing music. There is also what people say about iPhone batteries going to **bleep** after a year.

Re: Huge battery drain, iPhone 8, iOS12

In about an hour from 100% battery I dropped to 60% and it says Spotify was 41%