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I-Phone 6 Plus BMW Connected Drive Problems

I-Phone 6 Plus BMW Connected Drive Problems



Since todays Spotify Update to i cannot use the BMW Connected Drive intregation anymore.

I get this following Error Message


BMW Connected Drive Error (


By the way in the previous Verion of iOS Spotify i didnt had a Cover Image (Album Art) on the Navigation Schreen.

On the Ipad Air 2 128gb its worked.


Everything is updated


iOS:  Iphone 6 Plus 8.3

BMW: MN-2.255.60, TN-2.255.62


Hope you can help me out.

Greets Fabi

25 Replies

Same issue here. So annoying!

Same Problem Here with iPhone 6 ios 8.3

Anyone knows if it is possible to revert back to the previous version?

I also have the same issue with my iPhone 6 Plus.

Please Spotify, fix this soon.






Same here!




I've been complaining about this issue on here, and to support since December when they first broke album art from the iphone 6 plus to the BMW connected apps.


I have today got the same problem as all of you guys as per the attached and have added this to my support ticket







I just got the same issue after upgrading to Spotify version 3.0 😞

The Spotify integration worked just fine until upgrading Spotify, so the issue mst be in the Spotify application.


Iphone 5s iOS: 8.3




the broken Album Art seems to be only on the iphone 6 plus since my Ipad Air 2 even works with it.

Yes ... and the problem seems not to be specific on special devices, all devices seem to be affected. We now have reports from users with iPhone 6 , iPhone 6 plus (see screenshots) and now also iPhone 5 . So I think the update just broke the Connected Drive integration totally.

Hope to get this fixed soon


@Spotify team: Do you have any information regarding this issue?




There i was thinking the new update might fix my iPhone 6 Plus album art problem but it broke the BMW integration altogether! Come on spotify sort it out ASAP!!!


Smiley FrustratedSmiley FrustratedSmiley Frustrated

Welcome to our rapidly growing club of disgruntled bmw users!

its becoming a joke now especially for a service we pay for. I hope it doesnt take weeks to sort this out!

The most funny thing of all:


I used Deezer just a few Days before and at them the App crash while connecting to the BMW.

Switched to Spotify on Monday.


everything went fine (except the Album Art) until today and now Spotify cant connect to my BMW over app Smiley Sad


I just need a working connection to the BMW App so i can listen and browse Playlist while driving without looking for the mobile first.


Spotify: Please fix it 

I've been troubleshooting this BMW ConnectedDrive problem most of my afternoon. Spotify please fix ASAP so everything will be right in my world again!!! Smiley Frustrated

Spotify Error 04-28-2015.jpg

I have the same error with my iPhone 5s. It's was a really bad morning. Come on Spotify please fix it!!!1Smiley Mad

Same problem here. iPhone 5. Worked well yesterday. Did not asked for any upgrade of spot iffy though...

I've got the same issue on my iPhone 6. Never had any issues until yesterday's update.

I confirm version installed...


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