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I can't hear Spotify's musics in my car's multimedia after upgradind to iOS 10

I can't hear Spotify's musics in my car's multimedia after upgradind to iOS 10

After upgrading my iPhone 6 to iOS 10 (including the first review that was released 2 days ago) I cannot play any music in my car even tough the devices (multimedia & iPhone) are paired. I can control the iPhone through the bluetooth (play, rewind, forward, pause) , I can answer phone calls normally through the Bluetooth and car speakers but when I push the play button on spotify the sound comes out of the iPhone speakers only. No bluetooth device (like the multimedia system) is listed in the iPhone available devices list (that we can see at the bootom of the page in Spotify). I called Apple Tech support in Brazil and they do not have an answer. They told me that it will be certainly addressed in the first review but it was not. Almost one month hearing musics in my car through iPhone speakers. Have you heard something similar? Thank you. Giorgio

3 Replies

I'm facing same problem, tried "forget device" option and reset network connections, without success.

I've called local Apple Tech Support and they have no idea how to fix it. I spoke to a senior engineer and it is still an open issue. I was told that Spotify and Apple are battling possibly because Apple wants to promote Apple Music and is not making Spotify's life easy

Thanks GSeigne for feedback. I tried to use apple music and sympthom is the same. There is no way to select bluetooth device (car system) only iphone is available.

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