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I can't log onto my spotify iPhone app

I can't log onto my spotify iPhone app

I'm having trouble logging onto my Spotify account through my iphone app. I keep getting a message that my user name or password is wrong. I have changed my password twice. Anyway to get the issue resolved?
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It doesn't work for me.   I used my user name and password that I can sign in on my PC with, but it still won't recognize me. 


Thank you Sir. You saved my marriage.


4 days trying to fiing reset my password. I hope Spotify goes bankrupt.

Does´t work for me. I have been trying to login with my username from the very beginning with no success.


So yeah I´m highly disappointed =/

I have the same problem, but it still doesn't work, even when I use my username instead of my e-mail address. On the app on my computer it says to check my firewall (how???), while on my android it still says that the username or password is wrong! What should I try next?

Changing my country via web browser worked for me.

For my case, the issue is that their dam system wrongly set my account profile to someone else's in Brazil as well as my music list. After changing the country setting back to US, I can log in the app now. 


It should be due to their internal bug, that explaines why they still don't provide any official announcement or solution even there are so many people encountered such a problem.


Hey all, it's been some time since anyone commented here but as the page is getting views from users, we want to confirm if anyone else is having this issue signing into their Spotify iOS app?


If so please try a clean reinstall first to be sure you're on the latest Spotify iOS app. 


If you continue to get this message please post below with these details:

  • Your device
  • Device's operating system
  • Spotify app version

Thank you!


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