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I can't log onto my spotify iPhone app

I can't log onto my spotify iPhone app

I'm having trouble logging onto my Spotify account through my iphone app. I keep getting a message that my user name or password is wrong. I have changed my password twice. Anyway to get the issue resolved?
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Thanks, didn't realise I had a user name have been trying to login with my email. Managed now though, thanks for your help

Thanks, can't believe I didn't notice that.  It's a bug anyways but I finally got logged in!

I can't log in it says I'm abroad



I'm still having the same problem.I have changed the password for several times too but it does not work

Thanks for the reply. Problem solved.

I have this same problem, can't log into iOS app. 


I recently moved in another country so I had a bug with Spotify saying I was not in my country (I'm a free user so I have max 15 days abroad IIRC). I switched my profile to my new country and Spotify works well on the computer (either Windows app or Web player) but when I want to connect to the iPhone app (or iPad for that matter), it says the login and password are incorrect which is not the case. I tried my username, my email adress (in full and just the part before the @) and nothing works. 


Please help me, I can't listen to music to work if not on my phone (Spotify doesn't work on the work computer, even in web player). I consider to pass in Premium but without this fixed (and the web player issues), I'll probably watch another service which is a shame since Spotify is so good (I prefer it a lot compared to Deezer which I'm stuck with for now at work).





I could not log in with app after trying so many vartiations of what my password might of been.  Ended up reseting password and still failed to login.  Realised I could login web site, so concluded there was a glitch with app.  Deleted app, re-installed and what, it still doesn't work!  So ended up coming here.      Who would of thought you could log in one way on the web and not use the same login credentials on the app? If someone intentially designed app to work that way I call it a big oversight,  but as far as I'm concerned it's a bug that should be fixed.  Or does the dev team not listen to these threads?


Mate you're a legend. I literally kept trying to log in to my account for days with the registerred EMAIL ADD. Meanwhile its just the username you need. Thanks Lad. 

Hey, I am experiencing the exact same problem. I m able to log in online to change m password but then the iphone app doesnt work for me since I signed up for premium. I also deleted and installed the app multiple times. Please help

Hey, when you log in, type in your username, not your Email address. In my case it was my first and last name and it worked!

My problem was I was using my e-mail address rather than my user name. Once I fixed that, no problems.

This was very helpful! thanks! 🙂

This, thank you. It was driving me nuts

Works for me too..!!! Thanks..!!!

Thanks - that works

I am having the same problem

**bleep** Thank you 

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