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I can't login

I can't login

I logged into spotify on Safari but when I use same email and password in Spotify's app it doesn't login!
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Hi Zoehoffpen. Welcome to the Spotify Community!


It looks like Spotify is detecting that you are using the app abroad. Are you?


If yes, you may want to check this out!


If no, you may want to close the app, power cycle your device and open it to see if it will fix the issue. 


The next step would also be to ensure you are logging in using your correct Spotify credentials. Did you create your account via If yes, you need to enter your username and not your email address to log in, together with your updated password.


If you created your account via Facebook, then you need to input your Facebook email address and Facebook password. Just click LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK in the login screen.


Check out more instructions here. It's not harm to check, so it's worth a try.




I'm not abroad! And I did close app and restart but the error is still same:((

Hi Zoehoffpen!

Try reinstalling the app and log in again. One more question, where did you create your account? Is it via Facebook or


Hi, I did reinstalled the app but problem is still the same. I have created my account via facebook

one way to login in, is trying to change password or trying a diffeirent way such as facebook or your email from facebook both of those ccould help

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