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I can't play downloaded songs on iPhone (greyed out)

I can't play downloaded songs on iPhone (greyed out)

I am trying to play songs from local files on my desktop to my iPhone but I keep getting a message saying that I have to download it to my playlist and make it available offline. I've tried everything and it is still not working. Please Help!!!!! 

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I've been having the same problem. I've done so much research on this but Spotify just won't fix it or give us a solution that actually works! 

I've been trying, same problem... some stuff is not avaliable on spotify like "Tool", so I have to download it and then I cannot add it to my spotify's playlist 😕

I've found the way! it's so easy:

1) Go to Spotify on Desktop, look for "local files" chose your songs and add those into your playlist.

2) Go to your iPhone > your playlist > and check "Download". 


Every song you drang into your playlist from every device is going to be downloaded into your phone.

just so you know, I've been having the same problem and chatted a spotify customer service employee for over an hour and he nothing he did could help. i'm pretty positive there's a bigger issue going on and spotify is just ignoring it cuz i've seen many posts asking for help on it and no one has the answer. and the instructions they give you on this site seem easy, but they don't work. i'm thinking about switching to apple music so then at least I could listen to the music i've already paid for while listening to my other songs, but good luck! 😞

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