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I can’t see the list of songs in an album or the artist overview

I can’t see the list of songs in an album or the artist overview







iphone 8 plus

Operating System

iOS 13.5.1


My Question or Issue

I can shuffle playlists and listen to songs but i can’t see a list of the songs an artist has or the list of songs in an album. This actually happens a lot to me with the spotify app but it resolves on its own but it hasn’t this time.

for example in the pictures when i click the circled part it looks like how you would scroll through your favorite songs list, but when i click it nothing happens. The rest of the app is normal.

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Hey there @jayyib,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community!


Keep in mind the option to see all content of an artist as listed is currently not available to free users. However, you can still listen to the tracks of an album or artist in Shuffle mode.  


If you'd like this feature introduced for free accounts as well, we suggest you post an idea about it here. Any updates we might have will be shared there. 


In case you encounter further issues with the shuffle playback or how content is displayed, post a couple of screenshots and we'll be happy to look into it further. You can use the Insert Photos option in the post editor to do this.


Tip: Make sure the screenshot doesn’t show any sensitive info such as payment or personal data.   

Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.

Have a great day!  

Hi Spotify Legend, when l first downloaded Spotify on Apple store, l’ve had 14 days of free trial, and everything was perfect except l couldn’t listen to offline music but l’ve read that that’s because of Iphone policy...

l wanted to pay for full Premium and l went to official page, put inside my Bank Data and l’ve been given a free trial Premium month again, that’s fine but there is no song list except on the album. On first 14 day trial l realy liked to go to “ This is ... “ and there was complete list of songs from an artist and that’s not an option now,

when l press “ This is “ l’m only suggested to previews... and l cannot choose which song l want , neither the order l want, only shuffle alone itself, and that’s sucks realy. That was the best part actually.

Will that go away when free trial ends ? 

Hey @žule992,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community and welcome!


To clarify, there isn't a full list of songs of an artist in the app. Some artists may have playlists called ''This is <artist name>'', but those don't necessarily have all the artist's content. There are some artists that have playlists with their full discography, but this isn't a feature of the app, and it's actually up to each artist to have those playlists.


On another note, the behavior you're describing about only being able to play previews and not having on-demand functionality, sounds like you're logged in to a free account. Try logging out and logging back in, making sure you're using the correct credentials of your Premium account.


Let us know how it goes.

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Hello, yes that was, l was logged into free account, now it’s good.
One thing more... why can’t songs be downloaded for offline use on Iphone ?
Tnx 😎

Hey @žule992,


Thanks for the reply.


Glad to hear that you're back on your main account and everything works as expected.


Regarding the iphone issue, we suggest creating a new thread on the Help Boards, as this issue is a bit different than the OP. We'll be happy to help 🙂



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l’m getting android phone soon anyways 😎 but thanks for help
Best regards

That’s not true. Maybe something changed since 2020, but you cannot shuffle through an albums songlist of an Artist. It will shuffle through all songs of all albums if you a free user. @Spotify: stop lying.

I can see all of my playlist songs in both Microsoft & Android app as a free user. Why not in IOS???


Hey there @sanjib84!


Note that the app's features may vary across platforms as Spotify's always testing possible improvements and new features, so you might have access to a certain feature on Android, for example, but not on iOS and vice-versa. In any case, a few screenshots which show how things look on your end would be greatly appreciated - that way we can get a clear idea of what you mean.


It's possible that this is caused due to the recent deprecation of song preview clips on mobile, as some users reported that they aren't able to view the contents of other people's playlists. You can try logging out then signing back in twice in a row as this triggers an internal refresh of the app that may help here.


Feel free to also check out this thread where users continue to share their feedback on the change and tell us what you think, if you haven't already.



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Hey Ivan, I’m not going to complain to you because I know you do not run Spotify. However, would it not make sense for people to be able to see the songs they want to play or add to playlists while using the free version of the app? I understand that Spotify wants to make money, but I feel that not allowing people to look through albums and only having the option to shuffle is crazy. Thank you for listening I suppose!

Totally agree. The free version is now so bad it doesn't encourage you to upgrade to premium in case that's just as bad. When I had premium I used it as much to find music as to listen. Now that I can't do that, I don't take as much interest in music, so I'm less like to go back to premium.

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