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I found "hidden albums" on Spotify, what's going on?

I found "hidden albums" on Spotify, what's going on?

In this example, you can see two very distinct albums listed for the self-titled album Bayside by the band Bayside, released in 2005.


The first one is very easy to access, just search for the album or browse the Bayside artist and select it.


Can you find the second one? The second one has some weird capitalization in the titles as well as an incorrect release date (it was released August 23, 2005.. I assume "January 1" came from taking some "2005" value and assigning it Day 1?).


What's going on here? Each album has a totally different Spotify URI, too.


I am a US customer. This applies to desktop as well, but it was easier to grab some mobile pics.

Photo Oct 21, 13 49 51.png
Photo Oct 21, 13 49 27.png
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