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I have premium iphone says trial???

I have premium iphone says trial???

Ok so I have had Spotify premium for a good 6 months now. I got an iphone but its only 8GB so I figured its no problem and upgraded spotify unlimited to premium so I dont have to store music on my phone I have it all with me anyway.

Last couple days I have been having issues with connection to spotify so I did all the basics. 

Restarted phone, closed the app etc etc then tried logging out, seems I wasnt sure of my password but thats no problem I jumped on the computer and figured it out and I am back in. I changed the password to what I thought it would be so I wouldnt have this problem again. Ofc my phone being smart and all logged me out of spotify due to the password change. Now however there is a 48 hour trial banner across the top of my screen.  WEIRD!! I have premium this should cover everything I dont think I am in need of any trials for things I pay for why has it done it? More importantly how do I fix it????

I just dont want spotify to cork it in two days and have me paying for something I wont recieve >.< please help!! I am an avid spotify user, everyday when I walk an hour to and from work spotify is my saviour.. It must work >.< Help!!


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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


You normally get a free 48 hour premium trial when you log into an account from the mobile application for the first time. Are you sure you are logging into the correct account. If it is the correct account and just a trial, your normal subscription should resume automatically after the trial is over. 



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