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I'm a premium user. But I still get ads?

I'm a premium user. But I still get ads?

I am a confirmed premium user but I'm still getting ads.
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Hey there!


While Spotify doesn’t play ads that interrupt the music listening experience of Premium subscribers, some podcasts may include advertising, host-read endorsements, or sponsorship messages.


Can you confirm for us if you're getting ads in podcasts or in music?


If you hear ad breaks in your playlists, this would not be expected and we'll try our best to solve it. We'd recommend starting by  logging out > restarting your device > logging back in to sync up your subscription status with your device.


Keep us in the loop here!

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Where is the answer to this thread Spotify?


Why are we paying and still having adds rammed down our throats?


This is unacceptable. 


I am also a premium user ( it says so in the app) I am getting visual ads and I want them removed from podcasts.  If there is no intention to make this happen, or if it does not stop, I will be moving my family subscription to another service.  

I just signed up. Paid. Premium account showing. Getting all ads on podcasts. what gives?
iPhone 11Pro latest OS, latest Spotify version.

when i was trying to figure out wth(?)...I saw that apparently a "Premium" membership only takes ads from the music...NOT podcasts...which is absolutely absurd.  They don't pay creators like Joe Rogan & The Ringer $100's of millions to get people listening to music on spotify...needless to say I cancelled.


The other Interesting thing is...after I cancelled and had about a week remaining, I listened to an another Rogan podcast and there were no ads.  I'm not sure if sum do & sum dont?  Regardless I was done trying to figure it out.  Ads are a HUGE annoyance to me.  If one pays for content, they shouldn't also be fed advertising.  Either go the paid membership route or the ad model but don't try to do both. 

I’m also having the problem of adds in podcasts even though I’m a premium subscriber. I get the sponsorships and adds read by the creator themselves but I don’t understand why I’m getting adds in Danish when the podcaster is very clearly British. 

here is a link to around the same time in the episode:

Me too! This is troublesome! Im gonna say bye to Spotify as Youtube Music is even better, especially for those acoustic songs, Tik-tok songs:) 

premium user here, I download podcast (JRE) and go offline, then an add shows up and i cant listen to the podcast anymore!? First, you take away video downloads for podcasts, now you add AD's to premium, AND now you cant listen to audio offline!? wth!

I get ads when watching Episodes! This is very new as it only started today. Is this a new feature, or is my account bugging out?


Thanks 🙏 

I'm also listening to annoying ads which interrupt the podcasts I listen to.  They're stupid: pitching hair curling products with the voice of a young girl, when I'm a 51 year old male?  The worst is that at the end the ad says "Brand BLA BLA brings you this podcast".  The **bleep** they are, I'm an effing paying customer! wth is going on??  Oh and before you ask, of course I'm a premium customer

I am a premium user and still get adds, why is that ?


I went to play some relaxing white noise before going to sleep just now, and ended up getting my ears abused by two back-to-back unstoppable ads, ON A SERVICE I PAY FOR. Now I'm on edge and angry instead of relaxed. Unexcusable levels of greed on display here. Time to start shopping for a new service.

Hi i am also a premium paying account holder but getting ads. I logged out and back in. Makes no difference. Should i unsubscribe? I would lose my playlists i guess. 

I am a premium account member and am getting ads and being kicked off the app as soon as I attempt to skip the ads. Please can you check why this is happening? It’s clear from this thread that it shouldn’t be happening. Hoping to hear back from you soon. As it’s putting me off using Spotify for podcasts. Help. 

I’m listening with a Spotify Premium account on an iPhone 12 and have my NordVPN active. All out of the sudden I get Dutch car commercials in an American Podcast every 15 or so minutes. I paid for not getting commercials… I don’t mind ad reads of the creators themselves but random in sentence ads are obnoxious.

Even when stopping the VPN I get Spotify commercials when having Spotify Premium

I’m also hearing ad’s, even if podcast have ads they shouldn’t be pushed at all. Period. In podcast ads are different as it’s part of the podcasters audio.. but anything that’s app driven. This isn’t good enough, especially as they are bumping their price this month. I don’t want to pay for a service that isn’t fulfilling its premium experience. This has happened to me for 4 months now. 

Just adding in, I've never NOT been premium. I've had my account for years and within the last couple of weeks I've had ads on music playlist. One of them was almost a minute long. I'm pay for services to not have ads shoved down. 

This isn't some accidental feature, it's an embedded placement within the app itself. I'm listening to an older podcast by Gimlet / Spotify Original and the ads are burned in to the player. Not a host talking about some garbage, a pre-roll 15 second ad spot. 


I'm not receiving what i paid for. Spotify is burning money and i get that, but's change the pricing tier and remove it. Spotify is misleading users in offering an ad free experience when it is not. 

I have been premium user for a very Long time. Today i got Ads played before a song started. Why do i pay for something im not getting?


Borde få tillbaka pengar för denna månad...



This sucks. Spotify plays advertising in Elkhart Tolle talks. I listen to them as spiritual guide while trying to sleep and then Spotify puts advertising for mundane rubbish in the middle of them. 
Defeats the purpose. 

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