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I'm a premium user. But I still get ads?

I'm a premium user. But I still get ads?

I am a confirmed premium user but I'm still getting ads.
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Hey there!


While Spotify doesn’t play ads that interrupt the music listening experience of Premium subscribers, some podcasts may include advertising, host-read endorsements, or sponsorship messages.


Can you confirm for us if you're getting ads in podcasts or in music?


If you hear ad breaks in your playlists, this would not be expected and we'll try our best to solve it. We'd recommend starting by  logging out > restarting your device > logging back in to sync up your subscription status with your device.


Keep us in the loop here!

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Quit talking down to people. You already raised prices on me. I am listening to a podcast and keep getting adds. That pisses me off. I do not pay you $11 per month for adds. This is making me rethink doing business with your company. There are other streaming services that are better unpaid than your unpaid (just about every other one but Spotify.) and I might look around to see who has the cheapest best paid streaming service along with everyone I know and then make a post on my TikTok, my instagram, my YouTube, my Twitter and my facebook. Get the adds off or lower what I pay.

I’m about to drop Spotify premium. Who cares if certain ads are part of podcast. If there’s an audio break that interrupts the conversation why am I paying for premium? 

I am also paying for premium and getting apps and I cannot find help for this problem so going to have to cancel 


I understand podcast creators putting adds in their episodes, but when the podcast is a spotify original created by spotify and its packed with ads, kinda seems greedy when you're paying for premium 

Premium family user for many years, got a loud VISA ad during my white noise Playlist that I use for sleep. Not cool. I will try logging in and out but have never had an ad interrupt music before.


paying for premium why do I get ads in podcasts? I pay for NO ADS. 

Spotify hasn’t responded to this thread for like three pages. They obviously will not remove the adds everyone is getting. They know about it and don’t care. I think everyone in this thread should stop paying for premium. There are less (and quieter) adds on Apple Podcasts. Maybe that will get them to respond…..doubtful I’m sure. 

My toddler listens to children story podcasts, and now suddenly we get ads between episodes that are NOT exactly child-friendly (scary deep voice for the Riddler). He cries every time. This is a bad experience for sure! I pay for premium so that I don't have to worry about interruptions, and I am quite upset that it is interrupting with something I don't approve my child listen to...Is there a way to stop this?? 

I’m having this issue as well. Very frustrating 

I've been a premium user for years and just recently; maybe a year ago started doing this. The video shows a podcast in Spanish with ads in English 🥴. This is just one podcast, but the ads are on every single one.

I am having the same problem. Irritating ads breaking up the mood. I bought premium and have logged out, removed the app and restarted my iPhone. Still getting ads. Very frustrating 

We have a spotify premium family plan and one of the users is getting ads while listening to music. How can we fix this? We have logged out and logged back in

Getting this issue constantly on numerous podcasts. I listen for about 10 minutes and then there are about 2 minutes worth of ads. Happens on any device I listen on. It's true, it doesn't happen while listening to music but I thought that paying for ad-free was all inclusive. Ad-free is ad-free, right? I've paid for this for years and seems to be an increasingly bothersome issue for many.

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I am getting ads and they are not part of the podcast, they are even in another language, so please let me know if that's sth expected to happen so I can unsubscribe and use another product. 

I am listening to 48 Hours on my Spotify on my phone, and keep getting ads to download and listen through the Audible App.

I am having this issue starting today out of NOWHERE where I'm getting spotify based ads (not edited in podcast ads) when listening to a podcast that I'm 40 episodes deep and have NEVER had this happen.


I also have adverts whilst a Premium subscriber !! I have changed my payment plan to pay through my Vodfone account recently !! This may have cause the issue ??? Help required

Cancelling because of this. Paying $15/m to listen to your ads; no thanks.

It is enough

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