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I no longer have the new version of Spotify

I no longer have the new version of Spotify

Out of nowhere, my spotify app on iphone4 (all current software updates, etc.) reverted back to the earlier version (without Discover, with What's New, and without the snazzy new "Now Playing" screen.  I can no longer change the queue order of songs, and to be frank, I finally decided that I liked the "new" Spotify, and now I'm back to this old stuff!  Why?? I have read that a few people re-downloaded the app and still no luck getting the Discover tab back.  I do not want to re-download the app because I am worried about all of my playlists being deleted and my "available offline" songs having to be re-synced.  What's going on? Thanks

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Same here. Happened last night. Spotify APP shutdown and now have previous version.

Snap - dont want to delete it incase I loose playlists.

What's new has mysteriously reappeared on iOS devices overnight. The Spotiguys are looking into it 🙂

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