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IOS, Why can't I see all my artist or all my albums?

IOS, Why can't I see all my artist or all my albums?

I'm on IOS, I can't see all my artists or all my albums... I can only see all my songs. 

Things have changed, I don’t see where I can download songs outside of from playlists...

ok - how do I put all my songs in one playlist? Asside from one at a time, dont say one at a time please.

How can I download my entire library?


And just to vent a little... It took me over an hour to find out how to post a message to this forum, I'm not even clear on where I am, outside of Spotify Community which seems to have many many areas  one called the Sound of Rum, Hua? Dont they teach intuitive structure anymore? I've been down more rabbit holes in an attempt to simply submit a help ticket with no luck, google searches were the only way I found this page.... I'm hopeful that this message will end up somewhere that somebody much better versed in this most convoluted UX than I will see it... What happened Spotify? You are giving LinkedIn a run for their money for worst UX in social media. I teach UX, I know it very well the idea is "less clicks" and "less thinking" Not... "how can I drive users quite literally insane in an attempt to find what they are looking for... maybe there needs to be an adult version. There, I feel just a little better and I didn’t even yell at my dogs... I need a drink.  Oh, nice spell checker in your drafting tools, what year is it 1989? Wait whomever programed this editor probably wasn’t born yet... sorry.                                 

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