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IPhone & My Car

IPhone & My Car



I was hoping someone could help me. I have just purchased a premium spotify membership (yippee!!)


However, when I plugged my iPhone into my Car using the Apple connector, I realised there is a serious problem!


I used to buy tracks as downloads from Spotify. The playlists would appear in my car for me to choose from, and I would happily listen to my music. Now they do not. I have the Spotify App installed, and the music downloaded. I can manually play the tracks using the phone interface, but the track information is not correct (it displays a couple songs that were in my old iTunes account) and the cars buttons dont work! (Its a 2005 BMW 6 series).


The apple interface is in the passenger storage compartment so Its not easy to change tracks without stopping the car.


Please help me! Surely Spotify have thought about this... if not this is a huge backwards step!


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