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Intermittent loss of cover art

Intermittent loss of cover art

iPhone 7; ios 10.2.1 with Spotify v

I play Spotify online and local to Ford Sync via USB. Cover art display has intermittent errors using 3 different iPhones (5c, 4s, 7). I am getting these types of errors.

1. Cover art intermittently does not display ( i get the musical note symbol only)
2. Cover art will intermittently continue to display for song 1 while song 2 plays.

This looks like a Spotify bug to me since I do not experience cover art issues when streaming from iHeart, iTunes or Sirius XM app.
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Same problem.  Ford MyTouch v3.10.16180.ea.0_product and spotify on iOS 10.3.2.

Hey there,


Thanks for reaching out about this on the Community! We're here to help you out.


@jedavi, thanks for the detailed description of this. We'd firstly recommend updating your device's iOS version and app version. Let us know how you get on.


Thanks for letting us know, @var23. It looks like you're fully updated already, which is good to know.


To check, are you both experiencing this whilst connecting via USB? We'd also suggest controlling the music with Spotify Connect, just to see if this works fine. Note: We don’t recommend doing this whilst driving, but it would be useful to test this whilst parked up.


It’s also possible to perform a master reset on your Ford stereo system. We'd suggest checking out the Ford website for more information, and giving this a go. You’ll just need to re-pair your phone to get things running smoothly again. 


Keep us posted, we'll be right here!

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