Iphone Mobile Offline app

Iphone Mobile Offline app

Hi, I have been having problems with my Spotify mobile iPhone app ever since i downloaded it.

It's incredibly slow and wil lnot work with synced playlists. (I have a premium account).

As far as I can see everything seems to be synced and should play fine

however whenever I go to play anything it just sits on 0:00 and never does anything.

I don't know what to do! As well as it taking an age to sync in the first place.

I have attached examples of what's happening.

I have tried to play in and out of offline mode just to see what would happen.

I can't figure out what to do.



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so how did you end up in an windows/blackberry/symbian thread? thats like walking into wrong bathroom. people will scream at you

I would first try turn off the Gapless / Crossfade settings, and see if the tracks play now.

Failing that, you might need to perform a clean installation - although in doing so, you would need to resync any offline playlists you had.

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