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Ipod Touch "Library" to Shuffle all Playlists?

Ipod Touch "Library" to Shuffle all Playlists?

Can you shuffle all of the playlists and tracks within on the Ipod Touch?  I made lots of playlists by artist name, with hundreds of tracks in all of them.  In spotify itself you can click on "library" under "collection" to shuffle all of it, but there is no "collection" or "library" buttons on the Ipod app.  It seems you can only shuffle within a particular playlist and not all of them on the Ipod.  Is that true or am I missing something? 

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That's true, jayafink. There's currently no way to shuffle all the tracks within your playlists in the mobile application. Good idea, though. Why not pop it over on our ideas board? 

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I second this idea. Soooooo needed.

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