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Ipod Touch wont download spotify

Ipod Touch wont download spotify

I have an old ipod touch I have been trying to download spotify on for work (I am an activities coordinator at a retirement home). I have spotify premium. It tells me I need iOS 7.0 or later to download the application. When I try to update my ipod, it tells me that it is up to date. Can the ipod touch be updated to iOS 7.0 or later? Is there something I need to do with the ipod to get it to update even though it says it is up to date?

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If you can't update your iPod touch to iOS 7 then there's nothing you can do I'm afraid. It's very frustrating but you will need to use a newer device in order to download and use the Spotify app. Sorry, I know it's not the news you wanted.

Older generations of the iPod Touch are incapable of updating to 7.0, unfortunately. If you have the 4th generation or older (any of them that are shorter, the size of the older iPhones, and have a silver back), you won't be able to download Spotify :(. When you go to iTunes, it says the iPod is up to date because it has the most recent update that it is capable of running. I'm dealing with the same thing on my iPod Touch.

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