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Itunes on one coputer and Spotfy on other HELP!!!

Itunes on one coputer and Spotfy on other HELP!!!



So on my house computer I have and have been using Itunes since I got my Ipod many, many years ago. For work, I have another computer which I have use Spotify on and I want to be able to put the music that is on my Ipod right now on Spotify on that computer.


Will I lose all my music from my ipod when it is sync'd on the Spotify computer? (I still want to be able to plug my Ipod into my Itunes computer and download music)


Will I be able to use my Ipod on both computer without losing an music?


Thanks for help!



1 Reply

Hi @marktri5


Welcome to the Spotify Community! Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to help you out, :).


I'm sorry to hear you're at a conflict here; unfortunately, there is official way for you to drop the music from the iPod onto the new computer without the aid of 3rd party software. You'll have to Google around.


One sure fire answer I can give you regarding syncing with iTunes is this; if you try to sync your iPod with iTunes on the new computer, the likelihood of you losing your current data on the iPod is very likely unless you've ticked the "Manually add songs/videos" option on the iPod through iTunes on the first computer (home). You may be able to browse the music on your iPod through iTunes on the second computer (work), but you will not be able to sync new data unless again, you've ticked the "Manually add songs/videos" option.


Did this help in any way? Should I elaborate some more?

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