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Jam remote sessions bug restarts song for everyone

Jam remote sessions bug restarts song for everyone






iPhone 13

Operating System

iOS 17.0.2


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I’m liking the concept of the new jam feature, but there’s one issue that messes with me and my friends every single time we listen on our own phones in a remote session. When something is added to the queue or someone’s phone reconnects or anything that would cause it to go out of sync, everyone’s track restarts back to 0:00 except for the host of the Jam. I’ve had times where I was hosting a jam and added a song to a queue, and everyone would get onto each other about who restarted the song. I didn’t know because it didn’t restart on my phone. We can play on one Bluetooth speaker and use group queuing just fine but when it comes to listening individually, we can’t ever get it to work right. This has happened to all of my buddies who want to start jams on their own so I know it’s not just me. 

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Hi there @PlatinumMillz,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this.


You mentioned that you have an iPhone, but what devices do your friends have? Are you all using iOS devices? If possible, have someone join or host a Jam from an Android device to see if the issue would still occur. Also, make sure everyone is running the latest version of Spotify.


Let us know how it goes. Cheers!

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Plan: Premium

Country: Germany

Device: iPhone 14 Pro

Operating System: iOS 17.0.3

Description of the Issue:

I recently used Spotify Jam with a friend who has the same device and software specifications as mine. We encountered the following issues during our session:

  1. Editing the Queue: Whenever I add, remove, or edit a song in the shared queue, playback on my device restarts the song from the beginning, but it remains unchanged on my friend's device (He is using an IPhone 14 Pro, IOS 17.0.3 (latest version of Spotify) too).

  2. Timestamp Jump: If I skip to a different timestamp within a song, the change reflects on my friend's device but not on mine.

  3. End of Song Behavior: If a song finishes playing on either of our devices, both devices are prompted to skip to the next track, regardless of where we individually were in the song.


  • Songs restart only on my device when making changes to the shared queue.
  • Both devices skip to the next track if the song concludes on either one.
  • Timestamp changes don't reflect on my device but do affect my friend's playback.

I'm genuinely surprised to experience such bugs in a released feature. I'm reporting this because I'm genuinely enthusiastic about Spotify Jam, but it's currently challenging to enjoy with these issues present.

I am experiencing a similar issue with "Spotify Jam". In addition to that, I've encountered two more problems. I've opened a ticket to address this concern: Spotify Jam restarts my song each time I modify the playlist.

Hey @robert-kratz,


Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome.


We've gone ahead and merged your other post here to avoid any future confusion. Remember, as per our guidelines, it's better not to create multiple posts about the same issue.


We really appreciate all the details you kindly sent us, so we'd like to gather some additional info about the behavior you noticed. Would you mind sending us the exact Spotify version you and your friend are running?


On another note, would you mind trying what @Yordan suggest above? If possible, you can ask for the android device of a relative or a friend to open your account there and check if you can replicate this.


Lastly, if possible, you can also send us a video recording of what's happening on your side. You can attach the videos (the one from your side and another one from your friend) in your next reply in mp4 format, or you can also upload them to YouTube or Google Drive and make them public, so we can visualize them.


Keep us in the loop!

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I have tried mixed devices- ios and android. Still happens. 

Great idea, but this makes it unusable. 

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