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..Is there anybody there?

..does anybody care?

Yes and yes.


Sadly, I haven't got an update for you quite yet. Top men are on the case.

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I'm having this problem as well. I can confirm that Spotify only stays logged in in offline mode as long as the app remains in the device memory. As soon as I've launched enough other apps to get Spotify kicked out of memory, it requests that I login again.


iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.1


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Thanks for your reply David, appreciate it.


Good to know the best in class are tackling this major flaw in the Premium model, shouldn't take too long if the wizards are looking into it.


Looking forward to some good news soon, (hopefully before my Premium trial runs its course anyway).



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I'm getting the same problem. Iphone 4 newest iOS. Very frustrating - i keep spotify on offline mode as it drains too much of my battery with online mode, but I then have to "connect" and login before i can use spotify? DEFEATS THE PURPOSE?

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I have the same problem and it's really ennoying ! I'm launching spotify everyday in the metro to play offline songs (and paying 10€/month just for this feature) with no internet connexion and it always asks me to login before listening offline sync songs, or using spotify at all. WTF guys ? Please let us use your service for what we pay for. Offline means offline, not "log in every time and play offline after".

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how do you get there? I cant find the account details

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Just an FYI: this issue seems to be resolved for me. Whatever you guys did, I didn't have to log in again from offline mode and the countdown timer ("x days left") also displays the correct number of days instead of just "-". So far, so good.

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Tvsch, for me, the countdown timer has always been accurate...but it hasn't mattered. I'm still prompted for a login at random times. Stay on the case, David, please! It's maddening!

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Please resolve this ... as I was unable to access my offline playlist in the Eurostar the other day .. no connection ... and still disconnected from the service / login window poping up

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Model - iPhone 4s 32GB

Devices OS - iOS 5.1.1

Mobile Spotify Version - Latest (0.5.5)

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This post has been open for 4 weeks!  I'm seeing some posts on the Android forum that seems to point to similar issues.  I had the issue for at least 5 weeks now.


I am calling BS on the comment of "the top people are working on it."  Either those top people are high-schoolers or they are not really giving this much attention.  


Just come clean Spotify - are you removing this feature?  Waiting for the next iOS to fix it?  What??  Just roll back your code to an earlier version that was working.  Or give us the ability to use that older version.


I call the above description false advertising...  take a feature away for over a month (in which you have happily accepted money from users) then it shouldn't be allowed to be promoted like that.