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Latest update stops music playback on iPad

Latest update stops music playback on iPad

I've been a paying user for over a year and could basically summarize my Spotify experience as great when listening on my CPU or my iPad but completely unreliable on my iPhone. I have enjoyed Spotify most through my iPad. That is, however, until the latest update. 


Previously I was able to play music through Spotify and continue listening while surfing the web or utilizing other aspects of my iPad. Now, if I navigate away from the Spotify app to surf the web (for example), Spotify stops music playback.


Similarly, Spotify previously would continue playing when the iPad went into power saver mode and shut the screen down. Now, when the iPad goes into power saver mode the music pauses.


Both of these changes are unacceptable to me. Now, in order to enjoy Spotify as I have previously I need to dedicate the iPad to Spotify in terms of usage, and I have to set the iPad to leave the screen lit during playback. Of course, doing so kills the battery on the device.


I'm open to thinking that the problem is on my end, except for the fact that I haven't altered any settings on the device or within the app, yet my listening experience has been affected somehow. The only thing that has occurred is that I did install the most recent update

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