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I recently joined Spotify and I'm already having some issues with the app, especially in the library section. 


I don't have the column with Daily Mix, Songs, Artists, etc. Is it normal? If not, is there a way to fix it? I've been reinstalling the app a few times already but when I do see the column, Spotify tells me that they "couldn't open link". 

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Hi @user-removed and welcome to the Community & Spotify! 🙂
It is normal to not have tailored content just yet for your Daily Mix and Release Radar playlists since this is based on your listening data. The more you build your library through saving tracks/albums/artists and creating playlists the more unique your experience will become. So the more you listen and interact, the more custom it becomes.
Spotify also has posted great resources all over the site that can help you get familiarized. I suggest checking out the Spotify Answers section as well as the full support page for any topics you find of interest. Feel free to reply back to this thread - or any if you'd like - as the Community loves to help!

I hope you found this useful and have a wonderful day!
Happy listening! 🙂

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